Editorial Letter .01

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Editorial Letter .01

Despite the very uncertain situation that has been living in the country and the world, which has been a regrettable fact, it is a pleasure for us as a team, that after several months of waiting, uncertainty and a lot of work, it is possible for us to present the first magazine dedicated exclusively to craft beer in Mexico "BrewCamp Magazine”.

We are pleased to take this opportunity to thank the entire BrewCamp team, collaborators and sponsors, who, despite the distance, took on the challenge of carrying out this great project with dedication and making it possible despite the circumstances.

It will be impossible to want to cover the entire beer market in a single edition, so we will have hours of conversation, which will translate into articles of interest to our readers, participants or even you who have already made your first beer, so you cannot miss any of our numbers.

The purpose of all of us who make up "BrewCamp" is to show you the best grades, to keep you informed so that you can continue to discover together with us the fascinating world of beer and all that it has to offer in its various styles.

We invite you to follow us on our social networks and be part of this great family that is just beginning. Write to us, tell us which style you like the most, share your experiences within this industry and let us be part of the best moments, which are undoubtedly always accompanied by a cold beer.

See you in the next edition!


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